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April 10, 2013 / Paul Levy

How to be persuasive?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 9:18pm

Mobile billboard 2TrashIt is striking to me that the SEIU continues to think it is persuasive to hire a billboard truck that adds to the pollution and congestion of Boston streets to spread its message. It is also curious that it thinks that parking the vehicle in front of the hotel in which our volunteer community leaders are holding their annual meeting will be useful. And then, too, there is the trash barrel overflowing onto the street with its leaflets.

What’s even more curious is the idea that the union apparently views criticism of ER doctors’ billing practices as an effective way to gain support.* Especially since they were mighty silent about some controversial CEO compensation at a hospital in which they already have organized the workforce: “Representatives of SEIU 1199, the union that represents many of Boston Medical Center’s workers, declined to comment.”

Oh, I forgot. This is not about organizing workers. It is about conducting a corporate campaign.

What’s next? Demonstrating at the grand opening of the newly improved hospital in Needham, the one where it opposed the bond issue to pay for a project that has widespread community support? What a moving case that would make.

*Note: The physicians are not employees of the BIDMC or the other hospitals cited in the story.

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